Pet Drying Box Hair Dryer 80L


1. 2000 watts of high power and high air volume dry quickly, with a space of 80L, you can put two 15-jin cats in together

2. The drying time is half faster than that of its counterparts, with mute drying and fast drying functions optional

3. The industry's first: the door can be dismantled or not, and the dismantled door can be used as a cat litter

4. Frequency conversion pure copper motor, ultra-quiet, long machine life, fast speed, large air volume

5. The door is removed as a cat litter, and pets can enter and exit freely and easily. There are two cat paw holes on the door for ventilation

6. There are two cat ear air outlets, which are ventilated and light-transmitting. The soft silicone cover can also be used as a portable device, which is convenient to carry and move.

7. Ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization

8. One-button drying mode, you can also adjust the temperature and time at any time

9. There is a super large wool collecting net inside, which absorbs all the miscellaneous hairs on the net, which is very convenient for centralized cleaning.

10. There is a large row of large fans at the bottom, and the whole bottom is ventilated, and the pet is blown by the wind, and the drying time is very fast

11. There are 5 metal tripods, easy to clean and move, high-grade and stable

12. Detachable plastic bottom plate with rounded air guide design, no scratching, large air flow, easy to clean, and the whole piece can be disassembled

13. Super high value, cute appearance design, PET environmental protection material, easy to clean and durable

Product dimensions: 60CMx60CMx63CM
Outer package size 66x66x70CM
Inner size 59.5*36*40cm
Net weight 10.8kg
Gross weight 14.7kg