Automatic WIFI Self Cleaning Smart Cat Litter Box Cat Toilet For Cat

Type: 猫砂盆

Application : Cat Material : PP polypropylene resin
APP remote control Support
graffiti intelligence Support multi-account sharing Gravity sensing Space and convenience Super silent Anti-grit leakage
Data monitoring : weight, time, number of times Infrared monitoring Automatic sending reminders
Odour-cleaning sterilisation Low-pedal design Easy for short-legged kittens

Product size (cm): 58.7*62.4*53.7
Outer box size (cm) 64*64*60
Output power: 12V-1A
Product material: PP, PC
Cat litter capacity: 4L
Trash can capacity: 4L
Suitable for pets 1-10kg
Product gross weight: 13.25
Power supply: 110-220W