Automatic Pet Feeder 5L


Appearance: black transparent/white/transparent
Capacity: 5L
Material: ABS
Surface process: frosted
Food: Dry food, 3-13mm diameter
Recording function:Support recording 10 seconds voice
Voice interaction:Built-in HD speaker for remote interaction with your beloved pet
Live video:1 million HD image Pixel 1080*720
APP:Doodle Smart, support multi-account sharing
Mobile phone remote feeding: mobile phone control, manual feeding 1 serving at a time, instant feeding
Support lock key function (prevent pets from pressing the key to feed themselves)
Abnormal push: When limit switch detects abnormal/blocked food (motor does not turn), APP will push "Feeding abnormal".
Feeding setting: Timed feeding 1-8 times/day, maximum 20 servings per serving, 10g±2g per serving
Power failure: Battery backup design, no internet connection, no power, no food
Motor: High quality motor with 2000 hours of service life, rated voltage 5V
Dual power supply system: power adapter priority / 3 x 1 battery (backup)
Standby power consumption:5V/120UA, 0.6W
New: Lid with sealing ring, sealed design of food outlet, double divided food tray, heightened feet
Standard: Power supply
Single food bowl + 1 stainless steel as standard
Exchangeable double food bowl + 2 stainless steel required