Smart cat nest, warm and cold sofa, pet sofa

Type: 猫床

Smart cat nest, cat sofa
Intelligent cooling and heating adjustable, efficient heating and refrigeration
Support wifi graffiti APP remote control
Silent heat dissipation system
Manual temperature regulation, automatic constant temperature system
Energy saving save electricity
Waterproof cushion

Power Input:DC5V 3A
Power Interface: USB Type-C
Communication: Wi-Fi(2.4GHz)
Suitable Pets: Cats and Small Size Dogs
Heat and cool efficiently
High thermal conductivity aluminum plate
Heating and cooling control
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module
App control
Running quietly
Only a kWh for 4 days
Embrace-style enclosure design
Water-repellent scratch-resistant mat

Product size: 43.4cm*43.1cm*29.6cm
Packing size: 48cm*46cm*28.5cm
Weight: 3.1kg
Total weight: 5.3kg