Black and White Tuya Smart Regular Single Bowl Double Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder 9L

Type: Pet feeder

Appearance: white + transparent optional
Capacity: 9 L
Material: ABS.
Food: dry food, 2-12mm in diameter
Recording function: Supports recording voice for 10 seconds
Voice interaction: Built-in HD speaker, remote interaction with pets
Live video: 2 million HD image pixels 1920 x 1080
APP: Doodle Smart, supports multi-account sharing
Remote feeding by mobile phone: controlled by mobile phone, manual feeding 1 part per time and instant feeding
Support the lock button function (to prevent pets from eating by pressing the button)
Feeding Settings: regular feeding 1-8 times/day, each time up to 20, each 10g±2g
Power off without worry: spare battery design, off the grid without food
Motor: high quality motor, service life 2000 hours, rated voltage 5V
Dual power supply system: Power adapter priority /3 no.1 batteries (spare)
Standby power consumption: 5V/120UA, 0.6W

Gross weight: 2.71KG

Net weight: 2.17KG

Product size: 21*23*39

Packing size: 25.4*23.9*44.7

Packing size/4 units: 52.5*49.5*46.5

Packing weight: gross weight: 12.07KG

Net weight: 10.84kg