Square Multi-Color Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.5L Intelligent Pet Water Feeder


MobileWiFi phone remote control, multiple filtration, ultra silent water pump, water and power protection

Color: white, yellow, pink, green

Capacity: 2L

Body material: ABS+PP

Network connection: WIFI (mobile APP control, no distance limit)

Control mode: mobile APP

Water shortage reminder: APP reminder and indicator light reminder (water shortage flashing red)

Cleaning reminder: APP reminder

Filter element replacement reminder: APP reminder

Water shortage protection: automatic power off protection for water shortage

 Wool quantity: 1.2 KG

Pump head: 0-20cm

Pump flow: 0-220L/h

Filter material: activated carbon + filter fiber + ion resin

Power adapter: input AC110V-220V output DC 5V 0.5a

Actual power: 3W

Filter element replacement cycle: 15-30 days

Gross weight: 0.87kg

Net weight: 0.62kg

Product size: 18.5*18.5*13.8

Packing size: 20.5*20.5*16.0

Packing size/12 units: 51.5*43.5*44

Gross weight: 10.4KG