The latest generation of wireless water dispenser for pets is more caring for your pets

The latest generation of wireless water dispenser for pets is more caring for your pets

The latest generation of wireless water dispenser for pets is more caring for your pets

A more secure

    Using the most advanced wireless NUMERICAL control water pump on the market, using wireless magnetic induction power supply technology compared to the traditional pump, is not easy to oxidation; Multi-layer physical isolation, effectively avoid water leakage, all-round upgrade of the security system.
    There are no electronic devices, power lines and exposed metal contact points at the bottom of the drinking water body, so that water and electricity can be completely separated and the whole machine can be washed safely.

    Built-in water level detection module, when the water level is lower than the safety level will automatically power off to stop working, to avoid dry burning. Anti-splash bottom seat, the base for sealing design, and strengthen waterproof technology, cancel the metal contact mouth, water can be wiped, use more safe.


More healthy

    The sink adopts 304 stainless steel, the pump bottom is made of special high temperature resistant material, which can be sterilized at high temperature and can accept hot water. Multiple filtration and purification, select 3 kinds of high quality materials, can remove hair, debris and other impurities in water, and constantly improve: calcium and magnesium ions exceed the standard, scale precipitation, unclean water, hair debris is accumulated and other water quality problems, so that every drop of water is cleaner.

    Independently strengthen three layers of filter core: filter material using activated carbon + filter fiber + ion resin long life, the inlet front side of the increase of microporous filter cotton, can block impurities, prevent blocking. Wireless water pump, smooth inner wall, no dead Angle, components can be easily removed and washed. Counterpoint installation is effortless. Large capacity, enhanced version, about 3L water, to meet long-term drinking needs.

More intelligent

    Simplify the keys of the body, so that the operation is more concise; Through the APP terminal, the water outlet mode can be set at any time, and the water quantity and filter element condition can be easily and quickly checked.

    Smart mode: The green indicator indicates water outlet mode.
    Intelligent filter element replacement prompt.
    A variety of colors can be customized according to the preferences of different countries.

More quiet

    Ultra silent water pump yongquan slow flow silent do not disturb. High spring will cause the sound of water, too low to attract pet. As low as 30dB working decibels, also do not disturb the master sleep.


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